Custom Laser Creations is a local family owned and operated laser engraving company in Coshocton, Ohio. Our company has been established since 2008. Our services include a very customized style of engraving, which can be utilized on a variety of products and surfaces from Granite and wood to metal marking and acrylic along with Corian, laser tile and glass. Each service is done with low overhead, which contributes to very affordable prices and is always done on a very personal level with one-on-one attention to your needs.
Customized Laser Engraving
We offer a variety of different product lines for you to select from in order to get just the right products for your needs. Then we customize the engraving or etching to their ultimate potential, by meeting your specific needs through a variety of fonts, sizes, styles, and layouts. Additionally, we can also apply customer supplied logos and photographs to some of these products.
If you have an idea contacts us to see how we can create it for you. For a unique, one-of-a-kind gift that you no one else could possibly give, consider having your favorite photo transferred to Acrylic, granite or wood and finished off with a personalized laser engraved message.
We use state of the art CO2 laser technology to engrave all of our products which results in very fine detail, accuracy and precision giving a beautiful finished product. Most lasers work by using energy from a parallel beam of light which has been ‘excited’ by a gas’.

This gas creates a beam of a certain frequency. This beam is then focused onto the subject material by a final optic, focusing the beam concentrates the beam and the energy into a small spot which can run at 1000’s of degrees centigrade. This heat can turn the material from a solid to a liquid and finally to a gas virtually instantly which then enabling the material in question to have a certain amount of material removed.